Saturday, September 25, 2010

Echolink Troubleshooting

Ho so long time tak menulis lah..Hmm what topics today??
Ok echolink..
Actually I have tried Echolink many times and found there are several issues on it.
Here I will share the common problems facing by the ham users. The first one is the one when everything is on track especially there are no more issues on firewall or port forwarding then there will be another advanced issue normally facing by the users that run on linking or repeaters mode. Firewall issues and port forwarding already discussed in many blog such as by ki4kqd.Thx to you bro..very helpful..
Normally ham can hear the voice from the speaker from the PCs but when they used interface to connect to the PC using the echolink interface ham will not hear the voice through their radios. This very crucial for those run on sysop mode or linking. What is the function if you connect your radio to the pc via the interface but you only can hear it from the speaker of your PC. This make your linking not functioning to others since they also cannot hear anything even you put 100 feets antenna for your radio on your roof. Yg lucu they can hear your voice only but not on the other site..Here the way how to solve this problems.
First go to tools>sysop setting>Rx Ctrl. Make sure the Vox is enable.

Then go to TX Ctrl and setting like this

The next step is go to system setup>Audio.
Make your setting just like this.300Hz Tx High-Pass Filter.

Then another trick is go to tools>link setup wizard and follow the wizard step by step

And as for this leave it as it is.

Now I am sure you can hear the voice from your contact in Echolink over your radio and not more via your PC speaker.

But then I am sure the last but not least problems using echolink by the ham users is the cracking or not so clear..or kembang voice either from TX or Rx. Sometimes this kind of kembang audio will make most of them frust with Echolink.
So here the solution..very-very simple. Cuba jgn tak cuba...

Open your sound setting in your PCs and the set like what I have done. Put it very2 right to get very clear audio either for TX or RX. Its also depends on your sound card that maybe have different kind of setting. The rest setting do not mute at all..especially Mic have to setting at very2 high volume.

Ok Gud--Luck..untuk semua

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